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Sandi Coero
May 10, 2020 | Sandi Coero

The Bubbly You Can Use Right Now - Amy Reily

Sparkling wines that are for more than special occasions
Woman on Wine with Amy Reiley

When the going gets tough, the tough drink bubbly. Isn’t that how the saying’s supposed to go?

My consumption of sparkling wine is on the rise. In fact, there’s been a steady rise in consumption of bubbles in my house since the middle of March. And I haven’t just stuck to Champagne. No, I am an equal opportunity drinker of sparkling wines.

Bubbly from around the world

You see, Champagne is a region, not an endorsement. I know some drinkers are confused as to whether anything sparkling that isn’t labeled as Champagne is worth drinking. But there are pleasures to be found from bubbles around the world.

The Italians have their Proseccos. (Check out Annette Tomei’s review of a Prosecco that’s “more than a brunch wine.”) Spain’s Cavas represent some of the best values in bubbly in the world. Much of the New World, including the United States and Canada, makes delicious sparkling wines. (Did you know that there’s world-class sparkling wine to be found on  Long Island? Check out my review of Sparkling Pointe.) Even South Africa is in on the act, making delightfully effervescent wines called méthode Cap Classique.

Here are just a few of the empty bottles of bubbly that currently line my shelf. All of them were obtained by delivery during these past few, difficult months, so I know they’re wines you can “go out” and buy without ever leaving your home.

Stay safe, stay healthy, and drink your fill of sparkling wines.

My Sparkling Wine Recommendations

Breathless Blanc de Noirs, Sonoma County CA 

[Breathless Blanc de Noir Sparkling Wine] I love surprises and this pleasant surprise showed up on my doorstep as a thank you gift, so this bottle of bubbly received high marks before I ever popped the cork! Of course, I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed. Breathless is a relative newcomer on the sparkling wine market, but they’ve racked up more awards than some veteran Champagne houses. The Blanc de Noir is a pastel pink wine with doughy, brioche aromas and sweet berry flavors that weigh on the mid-palate. It’s the kind of bubbly that makes you anxious for the next sip.

Click HERE for the article online.


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