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"Mamma Mia 2" & Breathless Brut

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/ Mamma Mia 2 & Breathless Brut
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Hop aboard with bestselling author Stephanie Chance and her Sicilian partner as they take you on magical and fairy-tale journeys in Europe. From the “Mamma Mia!” chapel for two Greek weddings to the soaring mountains of Meteora, Greece, where monks live in the clouds, these unbelievable adventures will take you on a wild ride and leave you speechless and begging to hear more. Book 2 of the Mamma Mia! series contains hilarious and hair-raising stories of the unusual situations Americans get into while in Europe with world-known Italy tour guide, Stephanie Chance. Come along as they zigzag around cliff-hanging curves in the most beautiful corners of Italy and Greece, hang on tightly as you experience their outlandish escapades, and gasp at the raw truthfulness of the many secrets inside the Sistine Chapel and Michelangelo's love for the Jewish people. Did you know that most of the apostles are buried in Italy? Stephanie Chance has spent the last twenty years taking Americans to Italy and beyond to the hidden jewels that most tourists would never see or experience. You will laugh until you cannot anymore and stand in awe when she takes you inside places that existed before Christ.

Award-Winning Breathless Sonoma County Brut beautifully packaged with a paperback book, MAMMA MIA: SINNERS, SAINTS & ESCAPADES, by Stephanie Chance.